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Tree Care on Cape Cod

Cape Cod Tree Expert Services 

Holbrook House Tree Removal and trimmingLet Holbrook House Farm Take Care Of Your Trees:

Professional tree expert John Holbrook can arrange tree planting and transplanting and pruning of any other shrub or plant.

Tree care of large trees or shrubbery plantings are managed with John's know-how and horticultural experience.

Through soil testing, soil adjustment, irrigation, and fertilization, John can design a tree care program for both your new plantings and your existing trees. Have John visit your site today!


Tree Planting and Transplanting

Tree Pruning Reasons

- Prune trees to train the plant
- Prune trees to maintain plant health
- Prune trees to improve the quality of flowers, fruit, foliage or stems
- Prune trees to restrict growth; most plants grow better and stay healthier with a little selective tree pruning.


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Tree trimming Reasons

- Tree trimming and pruning provides air and sunlight to the plant material below and to reduce tree fungal problems.
- Tree Trimming  protects the structures through roof clearance, crown cleaning of large trees to allow the wind to blow through, line clearance to keep the power running.
- Tree Crown cleaning can be up to three-fold:

1. Dead wood and safety issues
2. Thinning of tree crowns so that the tree does not act like a sail that blocks the wind - it acts like a sieve and allows the wind through.
3. In some cases tree crown reduction may be necessary.

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Holbrook Tree Expert trimming a treeWorker trimming a tree


General tree care considers the whole process from tree pruning to tree trimming and attention to clean-up detail.

Proper plant pruning enhances the beauty of almost any landscape, tree and shrub. Improper pruning can greatly reduce its landscape potential. Tree pruning should follow a definite plan of action. Consider the reasons or purpose for tree pruning or trimming before tree cutting begins. Ask John for details.

Cape Cod Tree Removal

There is a time when saving a tree is no longer an option. This is because of tree death, poor tree health, or dangerousness. When you need a tree removed on Cape Cod,  John Holbrook is one of the most experienced tree experts around,  John has decades of experience removing trees right here on Cape Cod.

Click Here to ask Cape Cod Tree Removal expert John Holbrook for Details.


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